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1. I don't answer well to Lady Phoenix. If you must shorten my name, call me LP9.

2. The ratings on this journal are mainly because I swear like a sailor on a sinking ship and have the audacity to write fiction with questionable moral themes without warning. It's not nearly as salacious as it sounds.

3. I have complete and utter disregard for spoiler sensibilities in the books and shows I follow. And I give no fucks in calling out bullshit in said products. And I usually don't lj-cut content. Read at your own risk.

4. I am hosting some rescued Sailor Moon websites from the "old guard" fiction and Dark Kingdom subsets of that fandom. The list is at Forgotten Fics. Authors and artists with issues about your content, feel free to drop me a note for changes.

5. Do some drive-by commenting if the spirit moves you. While I'll still prefer your rabid feral cat to you, I'm not going to be hostile that you found my journal.

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